Sunday, 12 December 2010

Dr Martens, really girls???

Ok, so this is all about woman wearing Dr. Marten boots, I mean why do they wear them? I continually see these so called style icons for woman wearing these boots and I cannot understand why? It really gives a lesbian art student edge to the look I guess and if that is what they are going for then I guess they have nailed it.
I am not saying that people should not buy Dr. Martens, they are a cool brand who know exactly what they are doing and who they are aiming at. My issue is why girls in their 20’s are wearing these boots? Do they believe they are being trendsetters? Because if everyone is wearing them then you are not a trend setter rather a follower. So can it be to look sexy? Well surly not, I mean the only people attracted to that are either girls who like other girls or men who consider themselves skinheads.

My advice is bin the boots if you want look stylish or sexy or cool or well not like a soap dodger. Maybe you are an art student and pink DM’s help you fit in or maybe you idolise Agyness Deyn and believe I am talking total sh*t, either way if you have an opinion please let me know.

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