Saturday, 4 December 2010


I have recently started to realise that all the people thought of as icons are over 40 and the new breed of so called icons are I think weak at best. I am talking about guys that other guys look to as setting the standard, whether in lifestyle, fashion or just a way of being. Of course there are the classics, James Dean, Steve McQueen,  Keith Richards, the Rat Pack, Marlon Brando, David Bowie, Clint Eastwood the list goes on, these are great examples of Iconic men from yesteryear which always had a style and swagger about them that made them the pinnacle of coolness,



My worry is that after Johnny Depp moves on to being less active there is no one set to carry on they work of their predecessors. I am talking about men who have their own style, get drunk, take more drugs then humanly possible, womanise and basically just have a great time while still be great and their chosen profession. Lets go through the possibilities.

Ok so 1st up is David Beckham, while he seems like a really good guy and is definitely a fashion and football icon around the world I am not sure he can be put into the same category of classic icon. There is also Colin Farrell who was on course to becoming the new proper badboy icon of Hollywood, but since he has got back on the wagon and settled down he has definitely lost a bit of his edge and now just kinda seems like a recovering addict, the same goes for Eminem who seems weak and a little frail compared to before. However these 3 will still go down in the books as icons of a sort.


 So what about the very new generation from the US of A, Justin Timberlake and Usher have their own style and they are icons within the pop world but one started in a Disney show with Britney Spears and the other loves himself a little too much to be admired. You also have the Jonas Brothers, possibly the worst music ever made teamed with purity rings just makes them, well, a bit pathetic. I would be ashamed if a 4 year old thought they were cool. There is Justin Bieber (yes I know he’s Canadian) his floppy hair maybe a phenomenon but can you really see him graduate the levels of manlyness such as Keith Richards?

For some reason Britain is pumping out these incredibly boring actors 2 at a time. I mean can you think of anyone more boring than Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom and Andrew Garfield? I mean watching an interview with any of them is like having your teeth pulled while being forced to watch an entire 5 day cricket test match between India and Nepal. Yet for some reason these guys are not only getting work they are getting huge roles, maybe movie directors like lifeless, style less pretty boys.
I am not saying there are no potential icons out there, but I don’t subscribe to the thinking that the guys from N-dubs or Chipmonk are going to take over the mantle, when they are more likely to get into a scrap outside Faces in Essex then smashing hotel rooms, doing last tours, winning Oscars or sleeping with a string of Hollywood beauties.  Then there are the footballers, Wayne Rooney maybe an icon on the pitch but off the pitch most self respecting men would probably just think he’s a bit of a nob. So please if you know anyone who is truely stylish, cool and talented  (and no Kanye West is none of these) please let me know, we will all have different opinions of whos an iconor whos the coolest, but the way I see it at the moment the world is in short supply of people to take over from these masters of cool.

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  1. So true man! I can only think of two that spring to mind, Clive Owen and Daniel Craig but they are a bit too low key family men to meet the criteria really. Shame.