Tuesday, 30 November 2010

How Deep Should A Deep-V Be???

Deep v necks amongst modern men are riff, yet the question is, are they a fashion must or a fashion must not? That is a seriously hard question, on one hand you can look like a fashion forward thinking gent layering on top of it to give substance to a look or have your own sense of style and make the look your own. On the other hand you can just look like an x factor reject.
American Apparel
The really issue with the deep v is how much chest should a man really show? Yes a deep can look wicked with a just a pair of jeans in a modern day James Dean way, but get it wrong and the chest wig can make you look like a Greek shipping tycoon or if the chest is shaved then someone from JLS.
You must be wary of this look

 I believe or more to the point have been informed that the only way to pull off a deep v is to have strong shoulders and a well proportioned chest, yet if this is true why do people of all size continue to wear them? Thin skinny men are often used as models and fat geezers sometimes use a v neck to break up the whole upper body look.

ACNE £60

Some celebrities display their chests with pride, Jude Law for example is a great believer in the chest wigs right to be exposed, as is Ed Westwick of gossip girl fame. These 2 make it look simple but be warned it is not this easy and make sure you’re in a position to not look like a Topman stylist just threw up on you.

Ed Westwick

Jude Law

However here is a great option if you want a deep v,

Andrew & Charles £60

Sunday, 28 November 2010


With the current wave of casual luxe sweeping the catwalks, I have selected a few bargain sweatshirts to allow everyone to get in on the act.
Uniqlo £14.99

Zara £19.99

American Apparel £26
Pair one of these sweatshirts with a blazer and some chinos and you have got a different take on an off duty smart/casual look
ACNE £105


Saturday, 27 November 2010


Ok so why when I see a guy wearing UGGs do I have the urge to punch them square in the face, I don’t even feel like I can be bothered to verbally abuse them. Speak to any red blooded male or even pink blooded males and I don’t think anyone would disagree that these guys deserve a good clothesline!  Sometimes there are just item which should just be 100% left to woman to wear, skirts, dresses, high heels, lingerie and UGGs.

Suit & UGGs = Serious Style

I am not sure what draws men to UGGs, because surely it can’t be the £150 price tag, I mean most guys don’t spend that much money on clothing, let alone spending quite a lot on looking a bit of a tit.
Bargin at only £150 (think of all the beer you could have bought)

However times are changing and men are beginning to care a lot more about their appearance than ever before, my concern is that men are too focused on asking their girlfriend for advise and sometimes I believe it’s the girlfriends forcing their men to get a pair to look comfortable yet cool, without really understand the male species and the mockery they will face. Yet on a scarier note what if men are using celebrities such as the ever stylish Ben Affleck as their styles icons, but surely the male population are more evolved than that, because that would be a scary scary world to live in.


At the end of the day no matter how cold it gets or what your girlfriend say don’t become a clueless UGG mug, it's not worth the risk of getting randomly decked, especially for 150 quid! 

Friday, 26 November 2010

eBay why are we addicted?

As a serious eBayer especially for menswear I sometimes wonder if sometimes I am buying for absolutely no reason apart from boredom or because there is a new super cool uber brand out there and I want a little piece of it. Half the time I have never tried on what I am buying am and just guessing that it will fit and look good and to be honest in those situations they normally look shit. Yet I know for certain I am not the only one who does this and yet we still persist in buying rubbish for no reason. Why am I willing to spend 80% of the retail price of something and guessing what it looks like rather than paying 100% in a store and being sure its right?
Don’t get me wrong you can get some gems on eBay and you can get really lucky with something you have been looking and get it for a good price. Yet what I want to know is why we buy the stuff we don’t want. What draws us to the vintage t-shirt with a faded Ghostbusters symbol on the front when we would never have bought it when it was new and Ghostbusters was in the cinemas. Or what draws us to the Maison Martin Margelia tuxedo jacket with what look like toothpaste splattered down the front for a starting price of £100? I think we are all just wanting a bargain and all believe that we might grab something great that no one else will have. But sometimes the truth is we are just buying the other rubbish that the seller just wants rid of.

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Every season it seems the power fashion brands are pushing each other to come up with cooler more interesting high tops. So with Balenciaga, Lanvin, Gucci, YSL, Martin Margelia and co all producing all these high tops the question is which one do you go for?  Let’s start with Balenciaga, their 2 styles are both pretty cool, I love the all one colour hightop with the metal lace hoops, while the others are a little try hard, the kind of thing Justin Bieber and his hairdresser would share, basically I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone over 35

Next is the YSL, these have got a wicked sense of easy cool about them, the tan colour is sick to wear with nearly everything from jeans to flannel trousers. The white are very cool too, adding the patent back to jazz them up a bit

Lanvin have kind of revolutionized high end trainers, their trainers over the last few seasons were definitely the item to rock. However they do seem to be dying out a little, but the hightop collection is still very cool, even though the green ones are a little dodgy. Their classic hightop though is still the one the others aspire to.

Martin Margelia, little is know about the reclusive Mr. Margelia and it is believed that he has left the brand, yet they are still pumping out very cool trainers. These black and gum sole hightops are great for jeans but think are a bit more difficult to dress up, but again if your over the age of about 35 might make you look like a serious try hard or one of Westlife
These dip dyed washed leather Paul Smith high tops are very cool, with a grey sole and faded grey/black leather and metal lace holder s these trainers are great for any guy at any age. My only criticism of them is that they look like that they could be from anywhere, which isn’t really what you want for nearly £200
Overall I think hightops for men are here to stay, at least for a while. The only advise I would give is maybe for the older guy to stick to the one or two-tone colours otherwise you risk looking like an x factor reject.