Friday, 26 November 2010

eBay why are we addicted?

As a serious eBayer especially for menswear I sometimes wonder if sometimes I am buying for absolutely no reason apart from boredom or because there is a new super cool uber brand out there and I want a little piece of it. Half the time I have never tried on what I am buying am and just guessing that it will fit and look good and to be honest in those situations they normally look shit. Yet I know for certain I am not the only one who does this and yet we still persist in buying rubbish for no reason. Why am I willing to spend 80% of the retail price of something and guessing what it looks like rather than paying 100% in a store and being sure its right?
Don’t get me wrong you can get some gems on eBay and you can get really lucky with something you have been looking and get it for a good price. Yet what I want to know is why we buy the stuff we don’t want. What draws us to the vintage t-shirt with a faded Ghostbusters symbol on the front when we would never have bought it when it was new and Ghostbusters was in the cinemas. Or what draws us to the Maison Martin Margelia tuxedo jacket with what look like toothpaste splattered down the front for a starting price of £100? I think we are all just wanting a bargain and all believe that we might grab something great that no one else will have. But sometimes the truth is we are just buying the other rubbish that the seller just wants rid of.

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