Saturday, 27 November 2010


Ok so why when I see a guy wearing UGGs do I have the urge to punch them square in the face, I don’t even feel like I can be bothered to verbally abuse them. Speak to any red blooded male or even pink blooded males and I don’t think anyone would disagree that these guys deserve a good clothesline!  Sometimes there are just item which should just be 100% left to woman to wear, skirts, dresses, high heels, lingerie and UGGs.

Suit & UGGs = Serious Style

I am not sure what draws men to UGGs, because surely it can’t be the £150 price tag, I mean most guys don’t spend that much money on clothing, let alone spending quite a lot on looking a bit of a tit.
Bargin at only £150 (think of all the beer you could have bought)

However times are changing and men are beginning to care a lot more about their appearance than ever before, my concern is that men are too focused on asking their girlfriend for advise and sometimes I believe it’s the girlfriends forcing their men to get a pair to look comfortable yet cool, without really understand the male species and the mockery they will face. Yet on a scarier note what if men are using celebrities such as the ever stylish Ben Affleck as their styles icons, but surely the male population are more evolved than that, because that would be a scary scary world to live in.


At the end of the day no matter how cold it gets or what your girlfriend say don’t become a clueless UGG mug, it's not worth the risk of getting randomly decked, especially for 150 quid! 

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