Tuesday, 30 November 2010

How Deep Should A Deep-V Be???

Deep v necks amongst modern men are riff, yet the question is, are they a fashion must or a fashion must not? That is a seriously hard question, on one hand you can look like a fashion forward thinking gent layering on top of it to give substance to a look or have your own sense of style and make the look your own. On the other hand you can just look like an x factor reject.
American Apparel
The really issue with the deep v is how much chest should a man really show? Yes a deep can look wicked with a just a pair of jeans in a modern day James Dean way, but get it wrong and the chest wig can make you look like a Greek shipping tycoon or if the chest is shaved then someone from JLS.
You must be wary of this look

 I believe or more to the point have been informed that the only way to pull off a deep v is to have strong shoulders and a well proportioned chest, yet if this is true why do people of all size continue to wear them? Thin skinny men are often used as models and fat geezers sometimes use a v neck to break up the whole upper body look.

ACNE £60

Some celebrities display their chests with pride, Jude Law for example is a great believer in the chest wigs right to be exposed, as is Ed Westwick of gossip girl fame. These 2 make it look simple but be warned it is not this easy and make sure you’re in a position to not look like a Topman stylist just threw up on you.

Ed Westwick

Jude Law

However here is a great option if you want a deep v,

Andrew & Charles £60

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